"A wise advisor is like a kind mother, she listens patiently to you,
like a
father, who will walk beside you through the trials and
tribulations of life, like a teacher, who encourages you to
empower yourself and take responsibility for your actions,
like a caregiver, cool and calm in times of chaos..."





San Diego Estate Management Financial Services

Karin S. Wise, is a Financial Advisor, providing Investment Advisory, and Financial Planning services, is an affiliate Member of The Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC), and founder of Wise Management & Financial Services.

After graduating College she established her own freelance design agency. To add value to her growing enterprise, she furthered her studies, attaining a Diploma in Financial Management from The South African Institute of Management.

Soon realizing that her love of, and aptitude for complex financial problem solving was her true vocation, she transitioned into the Family Business as Controller, and later, Financial Director. The Family owned and operated company was invited by the United States Department of Trade and Industry to establish a manufacturing facility in the United States, and in 1998 she immigrated with her family to California.


In 2008, Karin assisted several friends in coping with exceptional financial pressures, due to divorce, sudden death, and the affects of the financial downturn. By merging her knowledge gained from her twenty plus years in business management, with her financial services training, Karin established Wise Management and Financial Services. The company partners with Trustees, Successor Trustees, Attorney's, CPA's and Professional Fiduciaries, to provide management support with implementing comprehensive solutions to reduce financial challenges encountered when caring for aging, and ailing family members, and clients. These specialty services encompass custom tailored options to protect personal finances, as well as providing guidance to Successor Trustees when they face the challenge of having to care for, or relocate an aging parent with cognitive impairment.

Karin holds a California Life & Health Insurance license, and is currently writing a children's book on the benefits of financial prudence on "How to save for a rainy day" for publication in 2016.

Wise Management and Financial Services business model is based on Karin's core belief that patience, planning, integrity and a strong code of ethics create positive results and leave a legacy of good relationships.