San Diego Probate Estate Management

Probate and Real Estate Management:

When you lose a loved one, the inevitable legal matters can seem difficult and confusing. Most times a Probate Judge appoints a family member as the Administrator of the Intestate Estate. If a family member is unwilling or unable to perform this task we can offer assistance with Probate Management. Contracting the services of a non-family member can also help to alleviate family strife between heirs contesting the Will. I liaise between the Trustee, family members, the decedents Attorney, Professional Fiduciaries, Conservator and CPA to assist with management of the probate proces.

Executive Assistant Probate Services:

  1. Identifying deceased’s assets and assisting the Estate Attorney or Probate Referee with administration and inventory of assets.
  2. Management of accounting and bill payment of lawful debts of the Estate.
  3. Ensure property and other taxes are current
  4. Notifying the deceased’s creditors of the testators death
  5. Assisting with distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the terms of the will, according to state intestacy laws if there is no will, or according to a settlement agreement entered into by all beneficiaries.
  6. Procure documentation for CPA to prepare Tax Returns.
  7. Providing Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Affairs with death certificates.
  8. Assist in locating possible Life Insurance Policies and Annuities.

Deceased Estate Management

Relocation Management